The Hav-A-Tampa schedule means we have to move the Brasstown Valley Motorsports team long distances in short amounts of time. While many of the haulers you see in the pit area may look luxurious, they are mainly a product of necessity.
Running a Hav-A-Tampa Super Late Model requires a huge amount of preparation both before we leave our Murphy, North Carolina shop, and at the track. We need to have a large supply of replacement parts to be sure the unexpected does not put us out of a race. Many of the tracks we compete at do not have parts suppliers with the specific pieces we may need so bringing them along is the only legitimate answer.
We also have to bring a complete selection of tires, springs, shocks, suspension parts and other equipment we use to tune the car for the race. Dirt tracks change almost constantly, and while we have volumes of notes on each track, we must be ready to make those final changes that can make the difference between running competitively or not making a show.
The selection of photos below will grow over time. Click on the images here to see a larger version.
Our Mack tractor is dependable to make sure we get where we are going on time.
Our trailer can carry two cars and all the parts and supplies we need to compete on dirt tracks across the country.
Here we have just unloaded at the new Dirt Track at the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC.
Tires are crucial to running competitively. We carry a good selection with us, but often have to buy more at the track.
Most teams now use what we call a "pit bull" that allows bringing the necessary tools to where we need them. At some tracks we have to pit far from the hauler, especially during a race and being able to roll this unit to where we need it makes life much easier on the crew.
This is the upper level of our trailer. Two cars fit up here easily, or, as in this case, extra body parts when the second car is not brought along.
Many pit areas are rather dark so we have to bring our own lighting to be sure the crew can see what they are doing .
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